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To get killed by an enemy in the most gayest of fashions.
ie: Unloading a clip from your M4A1 into the back of an enemy's head, only to have him flip around and kill you.

ie: To be killed in mid-air by someone who isn't even aiming at you.

ie: To awp someone in the face thats hiding in the ditch of Dust 2, only to have your shot not register. At that point, the enemy (thats hiding in the ditch) sprays his mp5 and nails you in the head instantly killing you from 200 yards away.

Use outside of Counter-Strike: Standing at the bus stop waiting in the rain, and having the bus drive by at 80 mph through a huge puddle, soaking you wet on your way to a job interview.

When the moron that parks next to you in the parking lot opens his door and dents you.

When you come home from a long day of work, only to find your girlfriend in bed with another man, who just let loose his nut all over your pillow.

How to use in a sentence: "OMFG... if I get HASSELHOFF'D one more time I swear to f'kin god I'm uninstalling CS"

"ROFL.. You just got so Hasselhoff'd!"

"LMAO.. Did you see that amazing Hasselhoff spray?"

Synonyms: Hasselhoffing, Hassel'd, Hasselhoffizm, Mitch Bucanon'd, Michael Knight'd, Hasselfied
by [8]bzr March 01, 2005
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