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Hassidy is my lil sister bestfriend she is my every thing i love her...hassidy is pretty smart nice and funny i love that about her because she is my homie friend and sissy no matter what and i promise that i will remember you awlays ur my #1 sissy.... This is to her

By:shelby sanders to:hassidy neal musically:@sksanders @bashbucks20
Hassidy is such a beautiful girl she is my best friend. When you use her in a sentence you will say -pretty
by Shkamuel June 05, 2017
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Hassidy is a careful helpful girl she love everyone and everyone loves her they love being around hassidy for who she is not cause of her fame friends they just like her for her she is willing to help others when they need it I love u hass
Hassidy is my bestie homie and sista
by Sksanders July 22, 2017
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