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the act of rejecting anyone who rates 8 or lower on the 1-10 scale (8 or lower being referred to as "b-team"). Pulling a true Hasler means going home alone no matter how seductive the subject and no matter how long the dry spell.

For a guy, pulling a Hasler often causes his bros to question his manhood.
Girl: Would you like to come over to my beach house tonight? It's meant to be an all girls pool party but for you I can make an exception
Guy: Nah, I'm tired. I think I will just call it an early night

Guy's bro #1: Did he just go Hasler on her?
Guy's bro #2: He must be either gay or taking playing hard to get to a whole new level!

Girl: Why must all good guys be gay?
by Dr. Brovius Hawthorne January 12, 2014
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an extreme partier who drinks crazily exesive amounts of straight or premixed alcohol. in the old days would party all night but these days ends up crashing early
when at a party or out drinking with friends if some one crahes early and falls asleep they've just pulled a "Hasler"
by mad dog tanen October 12, 2008
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