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Haskell University is an inter-tribal Indian school located in Lawrence KS. Although it operates under the illusion of multicultural education and cooperation among native students, the student body is predominately Sioux or "full blood" Navajo, and if you're not one of those two tribes prepare to be segregated by the fellow attendees.

It's not a good place to go if you're blonde, or hate having native traditions and tribal aspects shoved down your throat in every class possible.

It's ofen used as a second chance school for people who failed college the first time around or low income rez kids.
You're applying to Haskell University? But dude... you're a blonde Cherokee." "Yeah... But it's the cheapest education possible, even though they barely have any applicable majors, Bachelors degree in American Indian Studies here I come!
by Rongcat January 29, 2011
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