Hasbrouck Heights is basically the hilliest place in south bergen county.

Its full of italians and spanish people who have been around the town since Hasbrouck Heights started.
It has a lot of restaurants that are good. The schools are decent considering it's South Bergen County. And Hasbrouck Heights people usually come from NYC like most towns in bergen county and a lot have accents.

Winter's there suck. too many hills
p1-Where are you from?
p2-Hasbrouck Heights
p1-is that near the shore?
p2-no, its in bergen county and i hate the name too.
by fromdasack October 1, 2008
From any student: a place where drugs are circulated and sold like peanuts at a Mets Game. Anybody can buy them, and because the middle and high school are connected and they middle schoolers and high schoolers constantly cross paths, drugs are even sold to middle schoolers. The teachers are inexperienced and suck, and they have to teach to a class of druggies with there heads on their desks. KIds from other towns are always int he school selling and having "a good time." On the same subject, there are at least two pregnant girls in every junior and senior class. The principle and superintendent just lock themselves in their office and pretend that nothing is happening and throw tax dollars at the situation to try to fix it. Loser school, loser town. Most kids go to other schools like Bergen Tech, Bergen Catholic, Don Bosco, or other high schools, but still follow the same loser parallel journeys that Heights kids follow. A complete shithole!
"Hey dude, i was totally wasted last night"
"Hey, wanna drink some beers in the locker room?"
"P1 "Hey, wanna go to the Hasbrouck Heights Heights High School football game and smoke some pot?"
P2 "No, I hear Tony has some good blunts and we can smoke them behind his house by Hasbrouck Heights High School"
by HeightsKid January 26, 2009