An action, state or other event that annoys or otherwise bugs a person.
Spilled coffee all over myself this morning, really harshed my mellow.
by Lucello May 12, 2010
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My parents came home early from vacation and that harsh my gig, I had to cancel my party.
by the original not you July 08, 2015
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A guy walks by and says to you "you are a wuss and I know you can't pull off that trick on your skateboard". Your response is "that dude just did some major harshing on my mellow".
by wattawatta July 21, 2009
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To take the joy out of a moment of elation.

"Dude, you're harshing my vibe talking about death I'm trying to enjoy the music"
I'm trying to enjoy this party but dude your mood is "harshing my vibe".

Ohio is a great state to visit nut fat ass Pennsylvania is "harshing my vibe".
by Jax CT June 14, 2017
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Generally playing the "Devil's Advocate" when I'm trying to make a point, or irritating me into answering a question, or giving me a hard time when uncalled for.
"I was trying to eat my chalupa when this bitch came up and got up in my face about how I should be vegetarian or some shit, so I told her to quit harshing on my bus."
by Blacksta' McGillicuddy May 30, 2005
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A stupid idiom that Mackenzie wants to believe is real, when it really isn't.

This isn't a real phrase and has been completely made up.
What does "harshing my mellow" mean?

Anyone who isn't an ignoramus:

It doesn't mean anything, because you just made that phrase up and it doesn't exist.
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A beautiful young awesome friend. She’s best friends with Bella and bianca❣️🥰 everyone loves her
Miley Harsh is a awesome person.

Miley Harsh is a great person.
by Love mom November 23, 2018
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