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An Extremely hot male who has the best personality ever! Is very versatile, a good kisser, extremely attractive and lovable. Very Cuddly and popular. Cute, adorable and loving, he will always steal your heart. Very strong and loves to have a good time.
He's a hottie, but he's not as hot as Harry :)
by pinkbabe June 30, 2009
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Australian slang ;
1. Meaning to go crazy over something little.
2. To be violent or angry
3. To think your all big and swing arms in fights.
Ex. 1

Person A. "You see greg fight other day ? "
Person B. "Oh yehh he went harry on him aye "

Ex. 2
Person A. " Oi shut yahh effinn mouthh "
Person B. " Haha look he's goin harry aye "
Person C. " Hahaha ayee "
by BellyFlops November 05, 2009
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A boy who is very complicated. One minute he wants to be talking to you all the time then next he doesn't. Harry is a very funny person but sometimes his jokes can be abit offensive. You'll either love him or hate him!
Person 1'do you like harry?'
Person 2' no I hate him, he's very rude'
Person 1' I love him! He's so funny'
by SweetDevilxoxo July 25, 2017
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A harry is someone that will randomly hump the shit out of anything in sight. A Harry will hump more than someone on JerseyShore. When a Harry gets started there is no stoping it.
Person one: Wow look at this weather outside!
*harry jumps on person one*
Person one: OH NO PLEASE!
*Harry Continues to hump till tired*
by PLayerPlayer December 24, 2012
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A sexy english boy with curly hair an amazing smile, cute dimples, can't dance, but has an amazing voice. He is also very cheeky. He has an amzing bum.
Harry is a sexylicious british boy.
by Casey Sandoax May 01, 2012
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Harry is a guy who is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, around his friends he is so open but inside they are shy, he is not the best but not the worst either, he will cheer you up when your down and he has the best sense of humour
by Hazzahdj May 18, 2014
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