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A Harry is a sometimes conceited but overall kind person with a keen disregard of the rules at some points. You can count on a Harry to be brave and stand up for his beliefs. However, there is an extremely vulnerable part of Harry that he only lets out to his closest friends. There are times when Harry can feel lost and alone, despite his relative popularity. Because of this, Harrys can go through periods of snapping at you and the rough side of him is heartbreaking. But, if you are related to or are friends with a Harry, don't you worry. He is extremely loyal and generous to his loved ones. Because of his subtle cockiness, many underestimate how good of a comforter Harry is. He is selective with his friends and quick to make enemies, but when you earn his trust he will stand strongly by you through your dark times. Harry also has a very appealing sassy humor and a naturally handsome look.
On a Saturday afternoon, you can find Harry in his favorite bar or cafe relaxing with his best friends after a long hard morning of sports practice.
by c00k13n3rd August 27, 2019
A Hermione is a woman of great personal conviction and undeniable grace. She approaches problems with a rational creativity that is unmatched, and works hard to please. She enjoys quiet time with like-minded individuals and cherishes friendships. Though she can be bossy, it is only a reflection of buried insecurities, and she never pushes hard enough for someone to back away. While she is practical, she is also intuitive and kind. Her family is important to her and so is her success, and she often explores ideas that aim for better social justice in all aspects of her community. She has a thirst to learn about the world and leave a mark. However, she is careful not to step on others to get her way, and is considerate of other interests and time. She surrounds herself with people who she truly appreciates and is never flaky. When a Hermione opens up to you, you'll find her wit attractive and love her gentle expression and awkward humor; this beauty challenges and supports people in the best ways and is the ultimate cool nerd.
On a lazy Saturday, Hermione would be enjoying her favorite activity and a fireplace with her cat and favorite people.
by c00k13n3rd January 29, 2021