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When you achieve something and someone steals it, or claims it was them that achieved it. {Harry Kaned}
Player 1 scores a goal in football. Player 2 claims it was them that got the last touch (even though they didn't). Player 2 gets given the goal unfairly... {Player 1 has been Harry Kaned}
by LittleLee69 June 01, 2018
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To have one’s goal being awarded to another player, who claimed that the ball touched him before going into the net—named after selfish Harry Kane whose sore loser’s behavior was worse than that of a caned child.
Spurs manager appealed to the Premier League panel members for Christian’s goal to be harry kaned to Edward, who sweared on his daughter’s life for touching the ball—a granted wish would increase Edward’s chances of being the season’s top scorer.
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by MathPlus June 14, 2018
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