The spa town in the north of yorkshire. rather wealthy and pretty. contains a vast amount of townies/trendies, a few (posh) chavs, and secretive goths/moshers who only come out at night. is home to the valley gardens which, by day, is a nice place to relax and have fun in the park, but by night, is very dark and you are more likely to get raped or stabbed than to have a nice time in there.
oh, harrogate? that town near leeds with not half as many shops but nicer to relax in on a summer day
by Nu-rave-nuttah July 12, 2008
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Harrogate is a spa town near Leeds situated in North Yorkshire. When Harrogate is brought up in a conversation, people usually think of posh, stuck-up rich bastards that think they're super awesome with their Jack Wills clothes and Pandora bracelets. However, the majority of Harrogatians are fairly decent people. The Harrogate accent is bland and not instantly recognisable. The town used to be considered one of the top ten places to live in England for it's pretty much dead nightlife and beautiful gardens. Around a quarter of the town's population are merely wannabe goths and emos. Almost everyone else is a chav. However people may shit-talk Harrogate, it is a truly wonderful place to be.

WARNING: Watch out for gay rapists in Valley Gardens at night. Just sayin'.

Alternative names: Hgate, The Gate, Gate, That Posh Town.
Guy: So, I hear you live in Harrogate. You must own a thousand Jack Wills Hoodies.

Girl: Actually no mert, I'm a chav init bled. Jack wills is not my kinda ting bled. So you's can fack off out of my town bled. Yeah. Bled.
by likerawr January 12, 2011
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A Harrogate Pineapple is an indescribably twisted sexual practice offered as a special service in the darkened backrooms of some of the most refined and elegant-seeming tea-rooms of North Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom.
"Could I order a pot of Darjeeling, a tray of small cakes, and... er... the Harrogate Pineapple?"

"I'm sorry sir, this is not that sort of establishment. Please leave, before I have to call the Army"
by Belvin Mragg May 15, 2013
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man slag, loves havin bitches, loves gaming
he is such a chris harrogate
by chris harrogate March 31, 2022
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A not so distant idea from Stockholm syndrome, when a location becomes small enough socially that you regularly 'bump' into people you recognize. Often times they may not recognize you or lead to an awkward conversation about what has happened since you saw eachother 5 years ago.
I need to leave this town, I'm getting a serious case of Harrogate syndrome
by Rogse May 9, 2022
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