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This is a town where ALL the football players have slept with the same girl, Everybody has diseases, Everyone has done drugs, and got caught with underage consumption, Major drug dealers are the freshmen. Its a max of 8,000 people. Where even if your 10, You can buy alcohol.

Harrison Cental Highschool is GAY, literally everyone goes through a gay phase, Our cheerleaders suck and our whole football team is a bunch of pot heads, every girl gets with their best friends boyfriend, The boys are players or hillbillies and the girls are sluts.! This describes Harrison Central perfectly.!! Soooooo many DIRTIES in this school, Like for real who cant take a effin bath.?!

8th graders try to get with seniors.... and succeed.!

The whole junior high smells really bad.! The main hallway smellls DISGUSTING! B.O. the boys are immature.! The girls are goody goodies, no one can keep there mouth shut. jealousy is big at harrison.

The lunch sucks.! They are now served cheese sandwiches half a cup of fruit and a milk.. Wow!

Other than all that everybody knows everybody and its very rare to find a true friend but eventually you will.
Boy "Hey you wanna hook up?"
Girl "Dont I always?;)"

This would be Harrison Central..
by BlackkkANDYelloww December 13, 2010
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