to spank someone's behind for their own pleasure.
I went over to shandra's house to smack dat, but then shanelia got all up in my kool-aid so I smacked dat again, and then the po-po was all cookin hamburgers in my grill so I had to smack dat and den go back to where I reside in compton.
by davido jameson July 21, 2005
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Smack dat tater is a phrase used by the gay population to find out if another person is gay.

For example: if a man were to say to another man "smack dat tater" the gay man would say "smack dat tater" in return to say that he is also gay.
Hey man.

So I need to ask you something


Smack dat tater

Smack dat tater

Ok do you want to go out
by The gays June 26, 2015
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