Someone (females especially) that plays the harp. Ridiculously good looking and long-legged, female harpists are a stunning breed. They are comfortable having a large piece of wood between their legs, which combined with their capable fingers, makes them highly sought after by males.
Harpists are deeply soulful people, but often feel uncomfortable voicing their emotions in public. Instead, they share through their enchanting music.
They constantly feel misunderstood and crave love and appreciation. They love hugs. Hugs allow them to show affection for someone without being all lovey-dovey (Which they hate).
Harpists are highly interesting people and fascinating to talk to. However, it can take time for some people to realise how amazing they are.
Harpists are known for being graceful and beautiful and are often associated with angels.
Dude, I totally would. Everyone knows all harpists are babes.
by USAkittykat December 18, 2010
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a whore, prostitute or street walker. coming from female harp players who visit elementary schools to play because they are sleeping with a majority of the faculty
"We had an assembly today with a total harpist"

"That girl is such a harpist, she gets paid for sex"
by Sarah Mace November 3, 2004
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