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A Harlen is usually a guy, He is perfect in EVERY single way, He has a perfect body, The most gorgeous smile. Nothing can compare to a Harlen, He will love you no matter what and go to the around the world and back for you just to make you happy, When you have him in your arms or your inlove with him, NEVER let him go, He will be the best you will ever have. He knows who his friends are, and he listens to you. He also teaches you things, He may be a video game addict but thats one thing you will learn to love about him, He will make you smile EVERY day, and He will tell you he loves you every day, When he's inlove with you, He will NEVER let you go, No matter what. There are SOO many things about him you will love. He truly loves you and he's always there for you. He's also really good with his hands and good in bed, He's a really big flirt at times, but if your his, He will only flirt with you, and no one else, He's also very senstive, But thats another reason to love him, He ussualy has brown hair and blue/grey eyes. And he's UBER adorable. And just so you know. I love you harlen.
Girl 1: "Who's that fine man over there"

Girl 2: "I think It's a harlen."
by 831Iloveyou March 08, 2011
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To be an extrememly good drifter, or to be very JDM Tyte.
D1GB spectator: That guy in the MX-5 is a straight up Harlen yo!
Guy: Dat shit is Harlen yo!
by Harlen April 16, 2008
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Someone who is a complete sociopath, only looking out for personal gain. Often associated with old politics and general back-stabbingness.
Person 1: Hey, I thought you were going to hang out this friday.

Person 2: I was, but then this Harlen swindled me out of my money, convinced me to sell my kidneys on the black market, then stole my soul for use in a dark ritual.
Person 1: ...
Person 1: Yeah, that's rough.
by RPGer June 11, 2014
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