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A dumb turban wearing cunt who is gay and is a wannabe pornstar. He is a disgrace to all Indians and he has the hairest armpits in the world. Nobody likes him because he is a turban wearing cunt. He has fleas and is disgusting and he is so dumb. He is also an orphan because his parents disowned him.
"Harjas is a fucking cunt."
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Harjas is an Indian man with a big phat ass cock who get's lots lot's of pussy from 7-eleven. If you suck his big cock it will be exploding with curry flavor. You won't regret a second of it. He has a thick Indian accent to seduce the ladies, or should I say men. If a man says anything about his pee pee that man's pee pee will grow smaller. Harjas is also a pornstar
A Harjas crossed the road and shit his pants. Guess what it tasted like. It starts with a C and ends with a Y.
by Craig&Corey October 01, 2019
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Harjas is a fucking disgrace to indians because of his fucking shitty turban that keeps dangling over his retarded head. Harjus is actually smart but when you look at him you will feel sick just by looking at that retarded gay shitty face. I think the looks have been passed because if you look at his parents you will probably vomit all day. Whoever tied his fucking turban must be the most retarded person in the world.
Harjas is gay
by Lmao u Suck December 01, 2019
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