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To "harj" is to block anyone who posts anything in your social media channel, live stream, or blog which disagrees with your opion. YouTube user Harj 7 POWH3D is a crypto-famous bro from the UK, who began blocking anyone in his live chats who posted disagreeable opinions on his live YouTube streams... He became crypto famous for jumping ship from Proof of Weak Hands 3D Ethereum token, to join several clone projects. There waeresubsequent smart contracts created on the Ethereum blockchain called CanHarjMakeAVideoAboutThis, and HarjCoin...
1.) I got Harjed from Crypto Jedi's live stream for Shillin' P3D

2.) Crypto Bobby was Harjing every post today my Nukka!
by btcblack May 24, 2018
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