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Extremely affluent vacation destination in Northern Michigan. This is where the rich spend their summers. If you can get over how ridiculously overpriced it is, you should be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and friendly locals. This place is truly the Cape Cod of the Midwest, and the people sure do dress the part. It's like a fricking Vineyard Vines catalogue. Go up to Birchwood to see some rich people, go to Roaring Brook to see some even richer people, or go to Harbor Point (average home price: $15 million!) to see some of the richest people in the entire country.
"You think these pants are too gay to wear?"

"Ya definitely. I mean who around here wears yellow pants?"

"I guess your right. I'll just save them for Harbor Springs, MI."
by MoMo Grimes April 25, 2013
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Also known as the Cape Cod of the Midwest, this β€œup north” town located on Lake Michigan has been attracting stupidly preppy people for years. As you walk down Main Street, you are bound to see people decked out in Lily Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines, and Lululemon, while wearing Sperrys or Jack Rodgers. Most of its residents only come during the summer, and due to their loud-ass cocktail parties and even louder boats, all of the locals hate them. If you live in Roaring Brook, Wequetonsing, or better yet, on The Point you are instantly β€œrespected”. All of the rich kids can be found at the Little Harbor Club with their nannies after playing tennis, because their mothers are too busy shopping to care for them. If you are a popular rich teenager, especially one who goes to a private or boarding school, you are expected to have your own boat, limitless credit card, and an endless supply of blonde friends who will take pictures of you for Instagram. Besides rich summer people and tourists, the only other people who venture up to Harbor Springs are the countless numbers of sailors who pour in after the Chicago-Mac for the annual u gotta regatta. During the rest of the year, everyone lives in fucking huge mansions, even bigger than their gigantic summer homes, dreaming of returning next year to torture the locals some more.
1: I'm going to Harbor Springs, MI this summer
2: Oh wow you better start shopping at Vinyard Vines
1: STFU I'm not going to become a preppy
2: Don't be so sure about that, Harbor Springs can change you
by lucypm November 22, 2018
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