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Haptic - a sense activated by the physical or virtual tactile quality and feel of an object, material, or fellow creature. Communication by haptic means involves touch and kinesthetics. So playing with food (babies or adults!); making a work (artist) or caressing a sculpture (audience); trailing your fingers across someone's arm or a cat's back all activate this sense and communicate sensation (pleasurable and repulsive) to the one touching (and in sentient beings the one being touched).

Getting a bit of airplay in Academia: Early Childhood, Gaming and the Arts.
Babies squishing a banana are engaging their haptic sense (Early Childhood literature)
I want the audience to go beyond just looking at my work, I wanted to engage people's haptic responses and encourage them to touch, hold and caress my sculptures (Artist)

People taking part in this virtual world will encounter objects and people through haptic and kinesthetic means. They will experience the ability to touch,move and communicate by virtual means. (Gaming)
by Indigo Byrd September 21, 2017
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A response to one's touch.

A type of tactile feedback that applies force, vibrations, and/or motions upon the user.
I commented on how nice it was that Droid shuddered when I touched him. Tom thought he had developed sentience. But I said "No, he is just haptic to see me."
by LauriLea February 01, 2010
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