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A very, very spicy chili made by Beatrice Middleton. Was a hit in mess halls in 1945, especially at Paris Island. Can be made of any meat, but mostly uses chicken or turkey. The secret is a mix of jalapeno and serrano peppers which she puts in with the meat. Don't get too close or it will explode. Hence the name: Hand Grenade Heat!
Beatrice: Hey y'all, who's hungry? I got something good. Who's ready for some Hand Grenade Heat?

Morris: That really hot chili you love? Oh sure, are you making some?

Beatrice: Yep. This is for you and all the rest of them. Here, taste it. Tell me if it needs more heat.

Morris: (tastes the chili) Wow! That's an explosion waiting to happen. Its got kick!

Stan: Hey, what's that? I know chili but I've never seen chili that hot. (He tastes some and the chili goes BOOM!) Wow! That is one kickin' chili there!

Rabbit: Stanley! You shouldn't have eaten that yet. Its way too hot! You'll get heartburn, honey.

Beatrice: Who cares?! This stuff is meant to give you heartburn. Its not just any old chili, it burned tons of soldiers when I made it in the Marines. One taste of this and you'll be workin' it off for days. (She salutes) Aye sir!! OORAH!

Stan: Sorry, I didn't know it would explode. Now, I'm a big guy, 6'2" 285 lbs. And I love to eat! Otherwise, how would I stay a soft gooey marshmellow?

Bryant: You're not a marshmellow. You're a bunny! Even bunnies need to eat. Thanks for dinner. It rocked!
by Dusty's Baby Powder July 26, 2011
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