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The most unique person and name you can find. Hanaans tend to be sarcastic but amazing. They are very talented in what ever they do and ladies love them. If you ever meet a Hanaan in your lifetime, be grateful for such a rare experience!
Damn Hanaan, i wish i could be more like you!
by MagicalPony2009 November 14, 2012
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A girl who you’d love to spend the rest of your life with. Hanaan is a very pretty girl who is at first a little bit hard to be friends with and every single guy who gets to know her or even had a glance of her, would fall in love with her. The way she speaks, the way she laughs, the way she talks, the way she swears at you, everything is cute. Hanaan is the rarest human being you’ll ever meet and if you get yourself a hanaan then trust me you’re lucky. When you talk to or even if you’re friends with Hanaan , all your friends are jealous and starts making fun of you, she is the cutest girl you’ll ever meet, trust me. Get yourself a Hanaan ❤️
Akhil: Yuck Hanaan gay

Joshua: your mum gay
Akhil: I don’t have one
Joshua: so who’s gay?
Akhil: my dad
Joshua: what about Hanaan?
Akhil: she’s the best , so cute trust me
by Joshua Dileep Mathew May 26, 2018
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