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A quiet little town 20 minutes south of Buffalo NY, a shitty city. There's not much to do in Hamburg, but its not all that bad. The town golf course is usually flooded by 18 mile creek, there are 3 country clubs within the town limits, however no real people are allowed at them. The McKinley mall is too small. Teens usually find themselves reeking havoc in the Wal Mart on Rt 20, the 3rd largest Wal Mart in the country. God only knows why they built it in Hamburg.

The best bowling alleys in all the land were demolished years ago after a snowstorm. World Gym has since replaced it as the local rally point for overweight slobs and juiceheads.

There are a few notable attributes to Hamburg, NY, including Hamburg beach, a mediocre half mile of sand and rock along the polluted waters of Lake Erie, and the Erie Country Fair, one of the largest county fairs in the entire nation. The Nike Base is home to some 30 Soccer, lacrosse, baseball and softball fields, as well as an ice hockey rink.

For entertainment, residents of Hamburg typically find themselves traveling elsewhere, ie. Orchard Park, West Seneca, and anywhere else north of the town.

Also, there are two villages in Hamburg, Blasdell and Hamburg. Blasdell somehow managed to give itself the nickname one square mile of heaven, which couldn't be farther from the truth. It is the second biggest poop stain on WNY, second only to Lackawanna. Blasdell, if fact, is what separates Hamburg from the trash that has taken over Lackawanna.
Teenage Male 1: "Hey man let's do something"

Teenage Male 2: "Dude, there's nothing to do in Hamburg, NY. Let's go to Bob-O-Links in OP."

Teenage Male 1: "Fuck you man, you're gonna make me drive, let's just go fuck with people at Wal Mart"
by tazotea February 08, 2011
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