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1.Halo Boy is the kind between 9 and 20 years old that plays only and overrates HALO and specially Halo 3. For a Haloboy which is a form of Halo fanboy, EVERYTHING was created in Halo and everything else, even things years and decades before the game was even developed was a total ripp off from the Halo series.

A Lifeless and limited-minded n00b only defending the game because is the only one that he dared to try.

A pure Internet trash.
-"Hmmmm, i bet they gor the idea for the scarab on´╗┐ Halo from that big ass black bug thing..."

-"STFU N00b this movie came out in 1998, Halo was out in 2003"

*Halo-boy while watching at the movie Starship Troopers.
by LuciusDei December 23, 2009
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