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Someone who loves to give advice when not playing. A "back seat" halo player. Complains excessively about shot guns and bubble shields cause they still play halo 3. Says early and often that they would never use "noob" weapons but was caught with camo and a shotty. If the sword is down, halo god will respond. They do not call themselves the Halo God, you and friends do behind their back in a derogatory fashion, but be careful if they find out your calling them that they may unknowingly take it as a compliment.
Mit: "To your left, on the right, over there, shoot! shoot! Noob weapon. "
Marc: "Dude, just let me play."


Natty: "Halo God was annoying today"
Marc: "Its terrible. He thinks he's so good. Atleast now he's getting shit faced on mikes hard lemonade. Thank god he's gone."
by Sword is down February 08, 2011
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1. An individual continually proficient in dominating the Xbox Game Halo.

2. A Halo Multiplayer Master with continual excessive kills over his or her opponents.

3. A Halo player with a continuously dominating 'Post Game Carnage Report'.
No Example available.

Play Halo to get owned, and experience a Halo God.

For players without Xbox Live capabilities:

Lower shields to 50% and play 'Legendary' single player missions to experience. You should feel extremely frustrated with an outward desire to throw your controller at something breakable.
by Edward Stapleton March 06, 2007
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What you say when you do somthing completely unbelivible.
Person 1: Ahh did you see what Jin did in that Halo match?
Person 2: Yea he is a HALO GOD!!

by ryo-bakura November 21, 2005
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