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A disparaging term used by cyclists to describe the rider who, by habit, intent or simple testosterone poisoning, rides ahead of his riding partners by a half bike-length or less, regardless of pace. In the pursuit of camaraderie and convivial side-by-side riding, this results in the group's pace increasing each time the riding companions pull alongside, only to have the halfwheeler move foot or two ahead again, even at the faster speed.
Man, that guy on the green bike is a halfwheeler!
A what??
He keeps upping the pace, and I’m about to pop. Every time I pull up alongside him, he moves two feet ahead... He's a halfwheeler!
You mean he keeps “showing a wheel?”
Kinda, but his is supposed to be a friendly social ride, not a "let's see who we can drop" ride.
Yea, what a halfwheelin’ bastard!
If he hadn't trained for triathlons all summer, we could just drop him like those wheezers back there, but I'm about to go cross-eyed!
by PPFI November 04, 2009
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