The act of doing something so retarded with out you being diagnosed as mentally disabled.

The act of doing something only partially (half-way) to make it seem like you are a mentally challenged.

A nicer way of calling someone a retard.
One day we were walking up to a store and someone tried to open the door and when they went to walk in first they walked right into the door and all we could think of is "He must be half-way or something."
by The Newsties420 September 27, 2009
Half way there is when something about someone is so attractive that it would make you wanna fuck them but u never actually do it
"Damn did u see Jim's new haircut"

"Ya he's definitely half way there"
by Cute ribbons 5 March 1, 2014
Does not exist. The fact that this definition is even here is a paradox.
"Scared to death, Scared to look, they shook,
'cause aint no such thing as half way crooks"
by iraqigangsta January 18, 2008
When listening to Pandora the half-way rule applies, meaning that if one is more than half-way through a particular song then you do not skip the song.
This is done in an effort to preserve the 5 skips per hour allowed by Pandora.
"dude this song is total shit, skip it"
"nah dude we're past half-way, i'm not gonna waste a skip"
half-way rule
by AgentPtheBA April 2, 2013
Someone who thinks they're very smart but is really fucking stupid.
"I consider myself a skeptical person and I've done my research. When you look into it, the Earth is flat."
"Dude, are you half way retarded?"
by jiggysaw17 November 21, 2018
Technique to combat impotence (aka brewers droop)

If your just about to slip your soldier up a tasty hoe but cant quite get hard, fold your dick in half, The crease will trap what blood is in there and it will be stiff enough to push up.

You wont hit the back, but she'll think shes playing with a wideboy!

After a few minutes your bodies natural hormone levels will rise enough so that you can get hard. Pull out, fold out and bust a lung!

Job done, disaster avoided.
Friend 1: Yo Nig, did you tap that lastnight?

Friend 2: Yeah man, but i had drank far too much, so i hit her with the half way house, whuppah!

Friend 1: you the man.
by Dr Jones the Jew February 20, 2008
A streetwear label at at 212 Sumner Street, lower level, in Newton MA. Referred to by B-Rabbit in the movie 8 mile, supporting his crew "313" in the final battle against Papa Doc.
Scared to death, you shook, cause ain't no such things as half way crooks!
by nisturm June 2, 2009