A sibling who you do not have the same parents as. HALF siblings either have the same mother only, or the same father only.
Since Wendy and Sally are sisters, and they do not have same father, they are Half Siblings.
by Fame Hungry June 17, 2009
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A brother or sister that have the same mama and a different daddy...
"We don't know who mama's baby daddy is, but the little bastard's gonna be my half sibling..."
by -KTG February 14, 2008
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Siblings whom have only one common parent whether it's their mother or their father. Half-siblings sometimes are raised together, but more commonly raised in their two separate families. Half-siblings are typically separated and have somewhat distant relationships, when not raised together which is very common. If you have half-siblings, you call them brother, sister, not "half", or you call them nothing....
Half Sibling -

I love you, brothers and sisters. We should catch up sometime.. :)
by exploding air plane 6969 August 30, 2017
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That shit word that you say when you don't want to acknowledge, e.g., a literal brother from another mother or sister from another mister as your sibling, since you share only one parent.
(Person) One: "Shit...."
(Person) Two: "What?"
One: "'In re the matter regarding the estate of Mr. Jabinszningjer, upon the contention of Edwin Jabinszningjer in re the inheritance of his half siblings Edwina and Mavina Jabinszningjer....'"
Two: "*Snerk*"
One: "What?"
Two: "'Ya-bin-shning-yer'? Who would even want a name like that?!"
One: "Anyway...."
Two: "With a name like that, I wouldn't even want to acknowledge myself as a sibling of Edwin, anyway."
One: "We don't even know these people. I'm just reading about the probate hearing in the newspaper."
by NickidewbearTwo June 02, 2019
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Person who, in relation to the other, has a one parent in common and a different one parent.
My half-sibling is a good person.
by Usery May 03, 2021
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Person who has just one parent in common with someone.
My half-sibling is a good person.
by Mr. Jacov November 23, 2019
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