When you are only 50% committed to the stupid shit you are gonna do. Quarter send is only for pussies.
Too many half senders reppin the full send.
by TheLegendOne01 November 3, 2017
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When someone doesn't want to go full send
Wanna do nose beers? Or are you a half send kinda guy?

by fullsendboys October 17, 2017
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Someone who is unwilling to join the boys in a send. A half sender if more likely to go on a picnic date and study than crack a couple brews with the boys.
“Hey Miles you wanna have a send this Friday night or u gonna be a half sender
“Nah I’d rather work my minimum wage job after the picnic date😘”
by Giddy gue October 27, 2019
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When you don’t full shotgun the beer or you are a pussy and don’t send it 100% usually half senders are named Steven, Steve, David, Ray, Robert etc
Are you a full send type of guy or and half send type of guy?
by Joeys mom gay December 1, 2018
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April 19th is the day you send half naked pics to someone you are comfortable with, but not so close to send your nudes.

You could send these pics to your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or someone you have a thing with and you can post them on you social media as well BUT YOU CAN’T SEND THEM TO YOU EX.
Person 1: “Happy National Send Half Naked Pics day!”
* send the pics to Person 2*
Person 2:”Awww you mad my day! Happy National Send Half Naked Pics day to you too”

*send the pics to Person 1*
by ITSBROWNG April 18, 2020
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