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The girl's name Haldana comes from Old Norse origin, and its meaning is "half-Danish". In ancient Britain, the Danes were fierce and frequent invaders.

If you meet a girl named Haldana, then you should be instantly aware of her amazing figure, she dazzles like a siren and has the secret power to attract anyone too her.

She is a fierce and loyal friend, one who will defend and protect any one she holds dear to her but with this fierce loyalty also come a force not to be reckoned with, if you betray this person much like the siren you will most likely go to your doom.
Haldana is known for her amazing power of speech, voicing her ideas and opinions is something second to nature to her.

She has the sweetest disposition and often leaves you in wanting to see her again.
John: Oh my god- who were you talking to? was that a Haldana

Josh: OH YEAH!!!... i think i'm in love...

Kim: I told you, you shouldn't have cheated with jens boyfriend!!

Sam: I know, i got totally Haldana'd
by curlytops February 03, 2010
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