A pejorative used to refer to an entry level sports car that is just cheap enough for the person you're insulting to afford, but not quite cheap enough for you to afford.
'Oh, you got an Audi TT? That's a hairdressers car.'
by Justanotherredoer April 2, 2018
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A metrosexual car, usually a soft top, also driven by men going through a midlife crisis or compensating for something. A navy Mercedes SLK is a brilliant example
He definately looks like he should drive a hairdressers car
by boolucy July 24, 2008
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A car that is most likely being driven by a homosexual - like an Audi TT
Hey look at Jon in his new Audi TT - that's definitely a hairdressers car.
by SHEEP86 December 1, 2020
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A term used by insecure men who have to drive big ol' hulkin' gas guzzlin' V8 carrying ass hauling 300 horsepower testosterone infused macho mobile. while they're unhappy that a man is perfectly happy driving a soft top convertible with a 4-banger producing a whopping 80 horsepower they're perfectly happy with. A hairdresser car is usually an entry level sports car/coupe, most times a soft top roadster with not very boxy features, most times a more compact car. Examples of such are the Mazda miata/mx5, Audi TT, Bmw Z4, Or an older Porshe Boxter. Driving in such a car shouldn't be considered shameful, since it requires enormous balls.
Why do you drive a Hairdresser car? i'd never wanna be seen in one.

Because i'm not insecure about my own masculinity Greg.
by xXMeemLord3225Xx February 11, 2023
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A car that is most likely being driven by a homosexual - like an Audi TT
"Hey look at Rob in his new Audi TT - thats definitely a hairdressers car."
by Ry___ May 16, 2006
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A small 'sports car' (I use the term sports car loosely), featuring an underpowered engine. Predominantly owned by girls & 'metro' boys. Has more show than go. examples include: celica, mx-5, s2000. occupants of these vehicles invariably buy them because they are "stylish" not because of any performance or convenience factors. Often garners the argument "i'd beat you in corners" or "its not a hairdressers car! its a sports car!" the st205 celica was nominated hairdressers choice in 1996.
David: Hey Tomath, did you hear frederick got hith hairdretherth lithenth finally? He'th going to buy that thelica he'th had hith eye on.
Tomas: really? how fabulous! its such a hairdressers car he'll be thrilled!
by Cranky_Pants October 18, 2006
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Any two-seated sports car that is clearly aspirational in its ownership. For example a Mazda MX5 or a BMW Z3.
Omg! I can't believe they've got an MX5. That is such a hairdresser's car...
by Karl January 18, 2004
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