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the most suitable and perfect name for someone who is almost perfect ! a person ( usually man) who loves animal as he is purrfect too... such a caring and nice person to befriend with... however, he is a person who doesnt know how to express his feeling so he became an introvert one. and a secretive person too but once you get involved in his life, you will get to know every inch about him and his life.
hello? have anyone meet a hafizul?
by roseareredvioletareblue December 27, 2016
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Hafizul, the most beautiful, caring and loyal man you will ever meet. He is blessed in many ways. Perfect eyes & a sexy smile. Lots of character and personality which he does not tend to show off. Once he gets the right girl he will love her truly with all his heart. Great intentions and a pure white heart. Hafizul is a quite man who doesn’t let people in too quick. Has a bunch of friends who he loves. Hafizul has a lot kept inside him and will only share it with the one who takes his heart and gains his trust. Hafizul is one of the most gorgeous guys I know, and I will always love him with all my heart. Hafizul is a proper gentleman, guys you should look upto him. Hafizul is defo husband material. Love you billions and millions.
His so beautiful, defo someone I’d marry.

That’s defo a Hafizul.
by HafizulRahman July 07, 2018
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not a nice person, an inhabitant of the croydon area a person of deep homophobia and a sexually aggressive man.
guy 2: yawn you are such an hafizul
by aro0o0o0o0o0n May 28, 2012
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