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A tiny oasis in southern New Jersey, considered a suburb of Philadelphia, and ironically nestled between Moorestown "the best place to live 2005" and Camden "the most dangerous city in America 2005." Nicknamed "Garnet Country" after the high school's mascot (what the fuck is a garnet anyway?), Haddon Heights is a stereotypical small town: welcoming, traditional, neighborly, gossip-filled, and occasionally inbred. However, Haddon Heights sets itself apart from all other towns in one aspect: though it may be little, Heights kids can party with the big boys... and tend to consume alcohol in amounts that put college spring-breakers to shame. Whether its a case in the woods, a keg at a house party, or a handle in the parking lot; its always a good time. And whether its a high school student, a middle-aged towny that still thinks like a high school student, or a pre-adolescent child already currupted by a high school student; the key to a true citizen's heart is with an ice cold Natty Light.
kid #1: hey man, what time are you picking me up for school tomorrow at Haddon Heights High School?
kid #2: well, home-room starts at 8 so I'll pick you up at 7 and we can drink a few
kid #1: but dude, the liquor store doesn't open till 10
kid #2: Then I guess we'll have to be late
by im drunk right now January 31, 2006
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A joke of a town. Italian guidos run around screaming garnet country when in reality what is a garnet? The only reason they're slightly good at sports is they take in kids from lawnside. They also drink little to no beer!
" You guys ever heard of Haddon heights?"
"Yeah place sucks so bad bunch of nerds"
by HEIGHTSBITES March 12, 2017
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