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Habibah is a girl who is fun , pretty , smart and petite. She likes to make people laugh and cares for others.
Damn that' girl is a Habibah
by 344566778 June 18, 2018
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A girl who can punch your lights out if you speak Ill of her, she also likes candies and is faithful to her friends (be careful not to get on her bad side or she'll beat yo ass😂) but seriously don't mess with her or else(she takes snacks seriously)
Na'il - oh see habibah forming cool girl

Ashley -oooou na'il you did it again, she gunna beat yo ass
Habibah - na'il what did you say?
Na'il -........
Na'il- I said "see habibah forming cool girl.....when she a bad gurl .....that no bish can mess with or square up
Habibah - that's what I thought.
by reereeroxx March 21, 2017
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The very definition of thot , slut , hoe , and bitch, all in one name.
Wow she is such a Habibah
by De Meme Dude May 20, 2019
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