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Some one who has a bogan personality but on the inside is really soft and fragile. He usual has a massive dick 7 inch + but uses it gentaly. Most likely has magical powers but only uses them for the benefit of a good joke. He bleeds straight vodka and has never been caught without loud music playing. Always donates to Bendigo bank to help out the community. Gets ill very often, can lead to pissing and shiting blood. Majority of them have aids beacause they are constantly hiring prostitutes and not wearing proctecton. Doesn't own a house because of the drinks and woman, you will often see a Haberly on the side of the street playing a shity song with his crap guitar sing way out of tune begging for money.
you have to watch your self or your going to become a Haberly
by Bogan beau and simo the milo October 02, 2017
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