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A certain strain of weed
Purple Haze, Pineapple Haze, Blueberry Haze

"I Live in Washington Heights, Home Of The Haze"
by SpaDe November 28, 2003
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a very sick type of weed with alot of crystals and gets u higher than a motherfucker
i cop my haze from washington heights
by don March 28, 2005
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1) A strain of marijuana
2) A term used for bullying
Where did you get that haze?

I heard that guy got hazed yesterday.
by Mikazuki November 12, 2010
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Haze is a type of marijuana that originates from tropical parts of the world. Southeast Asia, Mexico, Columbia, and South Africa to name a few. The plant itself is the one of the tallest of any type of marijuana often growing over 20 ft tall. The smoke hits you in the head and not the body. Gives an energetic, creative type of feeling. It also has some of the highest thc levels ever recorded. But casual smokers should be warned that this plant can cause anxiety if mishandled.
I smoked some haze the other night thinking it was gonna put me to sleep but instead i ended up talking on the phone the whole night!!
by Jonnyganjaseed February 20, 2010
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potent strand of weed, the fake kind is often laced with PCP
smoke that haze
by M February 28, 2003
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A type of Marijuana(illegal drug) that makes you feel super excellent.
I got that Haze in the back of my truck that can get a nigga life
so my seat belts on,and I'm stopping at the lights -Young Buck
by GAME50 October 07, 2005
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A beautiful girl with love for life , and a sweetheart , a very caring person , but can also have a really bad temper at times .
Haze is such a sweet girl , but I wouldn't want to piss her off .
by Kelly90_ January 03, 2015
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