military term 1. Heard Understood and Acknowledged, 2. Anything but "no" 3. To be all for something 4. To question if something is heard understood and acknowledged.
Maj Smith: HUA?
SSgt Jones: HUA!

"I'm heading out to the field...Hua?"
by Gandalf the Grey March 24, 2005
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HUA is the vocal grunt that goes with the "fist-pumping" gesture, usually resembling someone pulling down on an overhead handle, that usually indicates success or satisfaction. This in turn evolved from a pantomime of dominant rear-entry sex, resembling someone pulling something toward their midsection with both hands.

While used sometimes at sporting events by spectators and players, "HUA" has been adapted in widespread use in the U.S. Army to indicate solidarity (usually agreement but not always). Common retronyms include "Heard And Acknowledged" or "Head Up Ass" as well as the folk etymology "Who, us?" Has been heard as "oo-rah" in the late 80's/early 90's.
A: Do you totally understand the plan?
A: OK, do I need to repeat any part of it?
B: HUA! All of it.
A: Are you even listening?
by the_crow February 2, 2006
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uhhh HUA! euhhh! HUA!
by sarah October 28, 2003
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heard, understood, acknowledged
Q."you get me"
A. "HUA!"
by christopher chavez September 19, 2003
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Pronounced as 'Huah', it is used among the US Air Force in verbal communication as an acknowledgement. Also used in expressing joy or intense approval.
"Be at the gym at 0930, ok?"

"The entire Wing is getting a three-day weekend."
by A1C Miller June 20, 2006
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A vietnamese last name. Normally people with this last name have secret powers, which they never show to people, such as turning into a dragon and flying. These people are also known for there natural buffness and chokedness. In addition, his name is said my many when in battle or during sword fighting.
Hua is chokkkeedd.

OMG HUA is fucken bufff

Die bitch, die. Huaaaaa.
by jason pascual August 29, 2010
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Heard - Acknowledged - Understood.

Commonly used by the U.S. Army, however, originated within the U.S. Air Force.

Often stated with excitement

Some people refer to the Army "Hua" as "Head Up Ass"
Captain: Be there at 0700

Airmen: Hua!
by HareuhaleF April 20, 2009
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