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HPK is an abbreviation for "High Pants Kid"

HPK is usually used to describe a red-headed, preferably "nerdy like", momma's boy.

His pants must at all times be pulled up to at least the hight of his belly-button or higher. The pants are preferably kaki shorts.

An HPK will usually get excited about things like, a playground in the back of a group of campers. He might resemble a groundhog to some extend when curious to see where this playground is located.

HPK can be used as a noun when saying
"wow, look at HPK over there"

it can also be used as a verb when saying
"wow, that kid is totally HPKing it in those kakis"
"wow, wanna go out and HPK the town tonight?"

it can also be used as an adjective when saying
"wow, you are so HPK"

HPK can also be a symbol of affection for either a loved one or a close friend, or even someone you suddenly love that you randomly saw walking across the street for the first time who has very high pants.

"Look, It's HPK!"
by smile please December 08, 2008
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