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Hammer-ons and Pull-offs. The term is originally created by Guitar Hero fans and is now applicable to Rock Band as well.
The HOPOs in Guitar Hero 3 are a little ridiculous.
by tracyface February 10, 2008
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Hole Poker. An immature female looking to trap a male for life by poking holes in condoms in hopes the males' sperm will impregnate her.
John: "Watch out! She's a Ho Po, betcha nine months down the road someone will be a father!"
Larry: "Only way she'll get a guy to settle down..."
by HottyPatrol August 23, 2018
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Dude 1: Bro, what are you watching?
Dude 2: Just some Hopo HD.
Dude 1: GTFO my room.
by Sir Humps-a-lot May 31, 2011
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Slang for the City of Houghton police Department
I got busted coming back from that party for drunk in public by the ho po
by TechEngineer89 November 29, 2007
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n. (pronounced with long o, accent on 2nd syllable) slang for hospital.

Used in dialogue, text, and online status notes mostly by full-time patients, or less frequently, other hospital staff with the exception of doctors and administration.

also written as: ho'po, ho-po, or , ho'po'
When am I gonna finally get out of this filthy hopo?!
by NeuroWriter January 08, 2011
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1. shortened term for holicker policker. A person who practices oral sex with either gender, regardless of gender.
a. ho - to hole lick (female)
b. po - to pole lick (male)

see definition for holicker policker
by jenna lynn thome October 05, 2005
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basically any one that acts like or is a cheerleader/prep

oh and this is an original, i made it up one day
those girls are ho's , those girls are to popular for there own good

ho's, popular

by Pinktroll October 27, 2009
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