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Harsh noise wall. A real genre of music, as obscure as the genre may be, in which an unflinching wall of noise is the basis of the composition. Said wall of noise may be made by manipulating the sounds from noise generators, manipulating samples, or performing various distortion and delay effects on radio static. Said compositions may be mistaken for just plain static by people not familiar with the genre, but every wall has its unique properties and some even have texture. French composer Vomir popularized this genre.
HNW is a very real genre of music now; just check out the electronic music article on TV Tropes! Remember when Black Leather Jesus opened for Sonic Youth? Felt like HNW was gonna go mainstream for a few minutes there!
by Seshie August 07, 2018
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Stands for 'hard nipple weather.' Used most often when a person's nipples are visible through their shirt.
"Did you see that girl's nipples? She definitely had a reaction to some HNW"

"Whoa look at his nipples... He must be experiencing some HNW"
by ilikemoney1480 November 21, 2009
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