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Look at that poor bastard over there with the HMW - clearly he's going to be bankrupt by the end of his vacation if he has to travel with that bitch.
by BorisSDT October 26, 2011
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1. Abbreviation for the phrase 'hot mess walkin''.

2. 'Hot mess walkin'' n. - Usually a female (with some regrettable exceptions) who is under the (false) impression that she is attractive. Usually seen wearing an odd assortment of clothing items which are a few sizes down from the size she should normally wear.

See: Amy Winehouse
*In Forever 21*
Manager: Did you see that woman? She was a hmw

Sales Associate: A what?

Manager: A HOT MESS WALKIN! Mmm mm girl.
by The Incineratoooor July 30, 2009
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it is when a hoe's or a nigga's head is made wrong
boy 1: Damn, nigga, why did you go wit dat gurl?

Boy 2: Nigga, she my girl.

Boy 3: But she got a "H.M.W."
by Pacman_2011 January 23, 2008
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A Human Made word that is used for the internet, just between friends, then is figured out by thousands. Personally, HMW is a rarely spoken word, but was made by some guy in his basement. He said: WOW! I MADE ANOTHER HMW!
Here are some HMW's (from me): SMB (suck my balls)
SIB:Suck it bitch
sgt fgt: Seargent Faggot. Two combined words that are p00nass.
bbl:be back later
pawn/pawning/pawned:Being played into, backstabbed, mentally raped, killed by 2 or more people.
bbialb:be back in a little bit
OTHERS (not by me)
lol:most populer, laugh out loud
rofl:rolling on floor laughing out loud
wtf:what the f*ck
brb:be right back
bbq:be back, queer... this one was recently released... some guy gut his cake of fame.
by Jewel! November 28, 2007
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