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Noun: A Pokemon specimen that is used for HMs ONLY. It will most likely not be higher than level 15 unless your a nubcake and can't catch a rattata to use cut.
Darn I have to use my Rayquaza for fly, oh wait I got a level 3 Pidgey in my PC to be used as an HM Slave THANKS.
by pidgeylv4 February 19, 2012
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A Pokemon you force to be the bitch for all your Hidden Machines, since each Pokemon game eventually throws up an obstacle that serves as a roadblock until you can utilize them to keep progressing. Usually, the slave is a Pokemon that's nothing special- a throwaway crapsack 'Mon that can't hold a feather to the tougher and rarer Pokemon everyone covets. Your typical HM slave is the opposite- they'll never stand out, all the weaker NPCs use it, and it offers no real reason to be wanted in your team.

Usually, the designated bitch is the Pokemon the developers use to help newbies coast through the start of the game until they can move on to the harder sections- sorta like "training wheels." These guys are Normal-types that evolve once and show up as one of, if not the first Pokemon you'll encounter in the wild- at a pathetic level 2 or 3. Bird Pokemon that show up early and often also fall prey to the HM Fly.

With stats embodying the very definition of "meh" and as useful as an ice pick in Hell, you'll basically give up on these Pokemon, label them the bastard child of the bunch, and saddle 'em with HMs on the spot. Seriously- who wants their Mewtwo or Regigigas stuck using a gay move like Rock Smash?? Screw that!

Each generation will have one lowly Normal-type:

I: Rattata
II: Sentret
III: Zigzagoon
IV: Bidoof
V: Patrat

Some have redeeming qualities, like Zigzagoon's Pickup. Expect more of these guys to add to the list beyond the writing of this definition.
Oh look, it's a Rattata... that poor piece of owl shit just waiting to happen. Better catch two so I have enough move slots ready for those godforsaken Hidden Machines.

100 bucks says all the bros playing Platinum in this room turned Bidoof into their HM Slave.
by Commander Andrew Rushtower August 02, 2012
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