HLP is an acronym for Heterosexual Life Partner. HLPs are same-gender butt buddies/soulmates/biffles in life. Either half of a HLP pair could be single or taken; relationship status does not matter as the HLP bond is greater than what can be described in words.

If the HLP pair were to turn non-hetero, they would probably get married in a heartbeat. However, if only one half of the HLP pair turns non-hetero, it will potentially make things mighty awkward palmtree.
Scheduling all HLP events via Outlook, including but not limited to:

Going on lunch/dinner/brunch/happy hour dates, playing wingman/wingwoman, going on vacations together at least 3x a year, saying/thinking/doing the same things, being crazy fans of team/places that you do not actually like/live in together, indulging in each other's vices (i.e. shopping, eating, drinking), obsessing over people who should not be obsessed over but are allowed to be because you are HLPs and no one else understands each other like you do, referencing each other on Yelp reviews.
by DJ Iron Jellyroll October 19, 2011
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House League Phenomenon: A hockey player who should be playing high school or midget major hockey, but decides to run train in house league hockey, with learn to skate teammates.
Scrub 1: Dude are we going to lose again today?
Scrub 2: Hell no, HLP is finally going to show up to roll house
by LTrightwing57 February 09, 2010
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