HIM (his infernal majesty)
the best band ever, their lead singer is ville valo, their from finland and they sing love metal. Their symbol is the heartagram and they kick lots of ass
by HERself666 June 11, 2005
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A particularly terrible band of Finlandish origin, the inspiration of whom is possibly derived from pussy type emo cry-whinge bands with material consisting mostly of songs regarding the incomprehensible sorrow felt by that particular individual as a consequence of their girlfriend of three days dumping them/ a slight twinge in the humerous/ the loss of a favourite sock. This particular genre of music is normally favoured by the younger generation of student-types who frequently describe themselve's as 'alternative' and cannot yet smoke correctly.
Look at Luke moshing to The Spice Girls, he quite clearly listens to HIM. Loser.
by Adam Thompson June 26, 2005
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