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Stands for "hot and heavy makeout session," the ultimate weapon in your fooling-around-without-having-sex arsenal. Requires horizontal positioning, and may include dry humping and/or second- or third-bases (but not mouth-to-genital contact, cause that's ho shit).
I really liked him, but it was our first date so I didn't want to bang. We had a sweet HHMS, though.
by HHMSpirate February 04, 2011
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A gang notorius in Horseheads, NY. HHM stands for Horsheads Murda. Almost every member of HHM is a convicted felon and is one bad butt mothersexer!! Every member is known for ballin very hard.
I saw some members of HHM yesterday, it looked like they were BALLIN!!
by Sm1th January 15, 2007
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Heavy Handsome Men

What is an HHM you ask? Any man who has a gut that sticks out before eating or drinking, any man whose thighs touch, any man whose chest has tissue that could fill an A cup or larger. Any man that is above a 38 in wasit... no exceptions

Background - BBW has ben popularized and fetishized for women who are a little bigger and the big men have unfortunately been left behind until now. This one is for the big boys.
Damn its getting cold out hear Susan i need a HHM to snuggle with and make me feel good about my holiday weight gain.
by Stardust1992 April 23, 2018
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