A slow and deliberate exhale of air using the throat to emulate a hissing sound. This is generally done in frustration, particularly towards unsatisfactory things happening at work.
You: "Hey, I know you wanted these by 5:00, but I'm going to be late with them, okay?"

Them: "HhhHhh, well, okay."
by TheOfficeIsMyLife April 22, 2009
hhhhhh is hvh language for laughing(hahahaha)
hhhhhhh nice miss bro. nn dog.
by NotYourPizzaGuy May 27, 2020
hhhhhh is a phrase used after something stupid, funny or just random.
It consists of 6 letter h. To type it just type hhhhhh on your keyboard. If you don't know how to do that, you are a weeb.
Juan: You want some cheesecake?
Jesus Christ: hhhhhh

Juan: *Shows meme*
Jesus Christ: hhhhhh
by Armakuni January 6, 2021
what a emo person may say when angry, sighing, upset, or horny
you look so nice today
by EmoXDRawr February 4, 2021
this is a test btw him i there you we are h
He 1: we are hhhhhh
he 2: they are hhhhhh
by Jacob Waters July 28, 2022