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An expression used to describe the amazing power of thursday, how it is the best day of the week, and how this particular day possesses magical powers of good luck and happiness. A jubilation of the spirit, shouting HAPPY THURSDAY! helps us all realize that the world is spectacular and amazing even on a normal day. It is often used as a means to get pumped after being tired after 3 long days of the week.
Depressed guy: the world is so evil and cruel, I hate all the wars and starvation...

Optimistic guy: don't worry cuz today is a new day, even through all the pain, be glad for what you have, and besides today is the best day of the week, HAPPY THURSDAY!
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The term for a wonderful day of the week called Thursday. The reason Thursdays are so "happy" is because it is almost the end of the week and people are looking forward to friday so much they are forgetting the wonderful day they are living in. To say Happy Thursday reminds people what a great day it is and is a way to make the world a happier and more positive place. Saying "Happy Thursday" was made famous at St Vincents College Potts Point in Australia after a year 12 student in 2013 decided to make it a tradition in her year group to make every Thursday "happy". This was a huge success with the school captains addressing the school with "Happy Thursday" every assembly which was held on thursdays.
"Happy Thursday" can be used as a greating. For Example instead of saying "good morning" one could say "Happy Thursday!"
However, this may ONLY be used on thursdays... otherwise you look like a dickhead.
by larny-g October 03, 2013
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