a little bitch who doesn't know how to do anything. someone desperate for attention. always wanting the dick up her butt.
it's not gonna happen honey. also known for her "Alien nose".
wow that girl is ratchet.... she's a kennis H.
by honesttitties December 17, 2015
Nigga in LS who's about to rip your ass up if u try him. He usually hangs with T. Faubourg. Words on street is that he took so many drugs and dracos from every nigga around LS, he doesn’t even declare them anymore.
Random nigga on Iddlewood : Keep yo choppa safe, officer H. Pratt finna take em from you.
by shitforeal May 26, 2020
Tru H Means “It's True” In english Mostly used by Dank Memers It was a Famous Word in 2020 In Indian Dank Community Used under Comment section When Someone posted something factual or Based things
Damn Life is short

Someone says Or comment Tru h
by Brawleryt69 June 28, 2022
Agreeing to something in a based way.
- This game is fuckin amazing man.
- tru h
by lover of sand September 9, 2021
Sexual activity where the woman is the middle line in the H (from a cross view perspective)
We gave Lacy a power H last night.
by AkiOlathe May 25, 2018
When an individual shits and reaches into the toilet take the shit out very carefully puts it into the fridge to solidify it. The person puts gasoline into a cup or measuring cup. Then the person ejaculates into the cup of choice and then gets the solidified shit and drills into the middle through the left or right end not all the way through. Then they put the 'cream' or semen into the turn. Put it back into the fridge and enjoy!
Gary loves his CreamS(h)tick!!
by VomitCock May 26, 2017