Jen: Jim, what did you have for lunch?
Jim: I had a H and C
Tim: What is a H and C?
Vincent: Ham and Cheese Sandwich
by JimothyRizzo October 23, 2018
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Hand on cock. From all they boys I’ve ever loved
Lara Jean: What do you wanna know?

Girl: Everything. When? How? How far? H on B? H on C? H up and down on P? T on C?
by ¡Yo! October 5, 2019
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T H A C C stands for everything negative in the world, most likely for stupidity. This word is commonly used to express a person's anger for another one's stupidity
T H A C C me may
ngu nhu T H A C C
by D_M_C_S August 13, 2018
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A word that describes something that consists of many bad things, for example, stupidity. Popular among doggos and cates.
T H A C C me may
by D_M_C_S August 13, 2018
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Fanfiction term meaning hurt/comfort. One character often gets hurt in the story while the other comforts him/her.
That Jim/Blair story was purely H/C.
by KimberlyFDR December 13, 2004
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Term used in fan fiction or reader insert stories where the reader is meant to insert their hair colour into the story to personalise the character
Their h/c hair swayed in the wind as they walked
by Baileytheshiningstaroftheworld September 1, 2018
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When they so dummy thicc, you cant contain it in just thicc or THICC
She is fuckin T H I C C
by Butters my Butthole™ September 17, 2019
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