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Tricks pertaining to gypsies.
Part of the same family of carnies, swindlers, and tricksters. A common pursuer of gypsy tricks usually tries to have you pay them, but they don't pay you. A common practice of gypsy tricks includes, but is not limited to: wife stealing, puddle splashing, conning wallets, and plundering marijuana related objects.
Carny: Come here and play my game for free.
Me: Okay, sounds good
Carny: three balls costs you $5
Me: I will not fall for your gypsy tricks! Gypsyyyyyy!

Photographer: You give $10 to her, she gives $10 to me, and I give $10 to you
Me: I'm not falling for your gypsy tricks tonight gypsy!

swindler carny gypsy
by Gnome Grown & Mantis I & II February 15, 2010
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A Gypsy Trick is a common method of obtaining sexual advantage by tapping into the empathy of innocents.

1. Gypsy ties two dogs together.

2. Gypsy hides in hedge.

3. Unsuspecting Good Samaritan comes along, pauses to separate the dogs.

4. Gypsy jumps out and rapes Good Samaritan.
Me: Oh you poor doggies, let's set you free

*rustle of bushes*

Me: Owwwwwwoooooh... Da fuq...?!

Gypsy: HMMMNGGGGHRRRRR Gypsy Trick ya cunt
by Googley September 19, 2013
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