The phrase gymcel is typically associated with a male who takes the gym way too seriously and normally has nothing to show for it. Cel is associated with the word incel which is someone who isn't able to get laid. Gymcels will often spend countless hours and weekends in the gym trying to improve their physique in hope of attracting women when in reality the only problem is their face.
Look at that fucking gymcel when will they ever learn
by Gymcel September 12, 2014
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A subtype of incel. Common advice the general public gives to an incel when the latest explains his bad experience with the dating is: grooming more, hitting the gym and work on the incel personality.

Gymcels follow the advice of bulking up religiously in hope of becoming more attractive, however their attractiveness is often not improved significantly, since many start with a least attractive bone structure.

Gymcel can at best become a male butterface if his body structure allows it.
Darn, that poor gymcel, sweating it off in a gym 10hours a week only to find out females still find him completely unattractive.
by nopeIhope May 10, 2017
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1. Noun
a dimwit who thinks that lifting can eventually get him a girl when in fact, what girls want is model-tier face, tall height (6' +@), and decent bone-structure i.e. a good fffrrraaammmeee. The word is compound of 'gym' and 'celibate'

2. Verb
To lift in the vain hope of getting a girl.
A: You know that Mike recently began hitting the gym?
B: Poor Mike. He's been so desperate getting a girlfriend.
But gymcelling won't make him anything other than mere a gymcel.
by reeframe August 6, 2020
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