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A Gymlad lives in the gym his biceps and his triceps are bigger than all your life steps
wilfred bony is a GymLad
by FreakyBigH February 18, 2015
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Someone who is a gym lad can be reffered as many things: a ladies man, really hunch and buff and lays with alot of women. He or she (unisex) is a 'beast' and no one can compare .
Millie: you know Adam has been hitting the gym alot lately?
Katie: yeah I also been hearing he's been going around shagging alot of girls too.
Millie: so Adam is a gym lad then?
Katie: yea he's definitely a gym lad
by Kamil is big April 16, 2019
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A huge man that goes to the gym such as Clarke or Ben
What is a gym lad? Who is a gym lad?

Ben and Clarke and gym lads
by BetterGymSleaford June 01, 2019
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